The Fitopia wellness garden contains a spacious, modern, hot rock sauna, while its indoor space has been given a more rustic character with an open fire to enjoy from both the indoor sauna and the lounge chairs just outside. Add in a magnificent domed skylight and a soothing water fall, and you’re left with a surprising feat of architectural integration. The view from the panoramic sauna is stunning, as are the new outdoor showers. The hot rock sauna has changing rooms that provide a welcoming environment for up to sixty guests per Aufguss session. Discreet LED lighting creates a rustic impression without compromising on the benefits of light therapy. Music sets the right atmosphere for the sauna master during the Aufguss sessions. The roof is covered with high-quality artificial grass, fully incorporating the building into its surroundings. Extensive use of green and natural materials creates a calming effect. The connection to the other parts of the wellness facility is discreet and natural, enabling guests to feel like they’re in a world of their own. Features in:

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