Wellness and relaxation at home at the highest level. Whether it is traveling for business or for vacation, one can enjoy the wellness and relaxation facilities in their hotel. Using a sauna or steam room makes you feel like a different person. Why shouldn’t you be able to continue to feel that level of well-being and total relaxation in your own home?


MyWellness is preferred partner in GCC for Alpha Wellness Sensations from Belgium. MyWellness ensures that you can make this dream come true. We are internationally recognized as a trendsetter and market leader in all things related to wellness and relaxation. Our offerings include both standard versions and exclusive custom projects.


At MyWellness we have developed an industry leading position based on innovation, design and customization. Our saunas, infrared cabins, steam rooms, salt caves, jacuzzis and cold rooms are amongst the best available on the market for residential or professional wellness facilities. We only work with high-quality and extremely durable materials. Our skilled designers and technicians invariably deliver installations that excel in every field and guarantee the ultimate relaxation experience. The production takes place in our suppliers workshops according German standards. Such professionals are difficult to find in GCC and we assure that MyWellness products remain affordable.​


The professional competence and commitment of our employees at Alpha Wellness Sensations has garnered us many international awards and accolades. In 2017, for example, they received the prestigious Reddot design award for our Chaleur Relax Lounge for exceptional design, high-quality materials and user comfort. In the competition 'Best wellness builder' of the professional federation BSPA, they were awarded a gold, silver and bronze in various product categories in 2019-2020. MyWellness supplier Alpha have also won awards in Germany and the United Kingdom in recent years and in 2016-2017 we were named the best sauna builder in the country.​


For each tailor-made project, a realistic 3D simulation is developed in advance that gives a realistic and tangible picture of the final project. By the team of MyWellness.


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